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High Beginner


Low Intermediate


High Intermediate

Assessment is required prior to enrolment, so appropriate placement is achieved.

We offer three levels of English for students aged 16+. Our classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings at The First Baptist Church in Kelowna.

Childminding is not currently available.



Mova Kelowna is open to Ukrainians who are displaced as a result of Russia's
war in Ukraine and live in the Okanagan Valley. It is led under the direction of
certified ESL Teachers/Instructors who have a heart for Ukrainians, a love of the
English language and understand the value of effective communication.

Mova Kelowna is comprised of volunteer teachers and is funded exclusively
through donations. We welcome monetary contributions, free accessible
classroom facilities and related resources.

Mova Kelowna began as separate grass roots movements of Kelowna Stands With
Ukraine and The Bravery Foundation. The two organizations amalgamated their
separate programs in order to serve displaced Ukrainians better. Mova
Kelowna now operates under the direction of Kelowna Stands With Ukraine with
assistance from The Bravery Foundation when needed.

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